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7 July 2019

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Bruce Clark

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Welcome to Episode 11 of APEX Now the weekly podcast bringing you all of the news, blogs and events in the world of Oracle Application Express (APEX).

This week besides the normal presentation of the news and events, I speak with Niels Brujin about his first impressions of APEX on the Autonomous Database Cloud. But, you'll have to listen to the show for that.

If you are new to APEX, then head on over to http://apex.oracle.com where you will find lots of information and be able to request a free development workspace to gert started.

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 This Week's News

Oracle Traing - User Group Champions Program

As a User Group Champion member, you now have more opportunities to learn and get certified in Oracle technology advancements. Choose from Oracle Learning Subscriptions and Oracle Certification exam vouchers, which you can take advantage of within one convenient program. Expand your knowledge and show employers you are above the competition by having the proven, advanced Oracle skills necessary for today's in-demand job roles.

New subscriptions and exams are added for emerging Oracle technologies in real-time, empowering you to keep pace with the latest and most relevant product releases

This 25% off online subscription and voucher promotion runs until December.


 Oracle Adds Dedicated Autonomous Database Instances

Continuing with its aggressive strategy to strengthen its position as a Cloud leader, Oracle has extended its offering by adding dedicated Autonomous Database Instances. This responds directly for the needs of larger enterprises for a private, secure and fully managed database in the Cloud solution. These instances also include Oracle Development Tools.

In the fourth quarter , Oracle says that there have been more than five thousand trials which is up from about four thousand trails in the previous quarter.



Blogs Of The Week 

 Should The APEX Cummiunity Care About Autonomous Database?
Joel Kallman

If you're an APEX who just doesn't excited about the recent Oracle announcement that APEX, ORDS and SQL Developer are now available on the Autonomous Database Cloud and think that it doesn't have much to do with you. Then this is a blog you want to read.

Joe explains that APEX will recive much more attention than it has in the past from Oracle. In other words, more people wwill become aware of APEX than ever before. This all due to the availability of APEX on the Autonomous Database. The Autonomous Database is a key strategy of Oracle and a lot of money has been invested in it.

Read the post and you will understand that in fact all of the buzz is important to you.


Interactive Grid Tour
John Snyders


Getting the Oracle APEX certificate , Tips
Angel O. Flores 



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Jeff Kemp



Upcoming Events

 July Groundbreakers sessions

13 July 2019
Chennai, India

14 July 2019
Bengaluru, India

16 July 2019
Ahmadabad, India

19 July 2019
Pune, india


17 July
APEX Meetingup
Stuttgart, German

25  July 2019
racle Application Express (APEX) Office Hours Session

1 August
North Central Oracle Apps User Group

2-3 September 2019DOAG  Go DevOps

September 5, 2019
Nordic APEX Tour

Septemberr 6, 2019
Stockholm, Sweeden
Nordic APEX Tour

11 - 26 October 2019
Oracle Groundbreakers Tour

  • Wellington, NZ - October 11
  • Melbourne, Australia - October 14
  • Perth, Australia - October 16
  • Singapore - October 18
  • Shanghai, China - October 19
  • Hangzhou, China - October 20
  • Seoul, South Korea - October 22
  • Tokyo, Japan - October  24     
  • Taiwan - October 26    


1 - 4 December, 2019
UKOUG Techfest 2019


New Resources

New vide

0 to 60 seconds creating something auwesome with Application Express on the Autonomous Database Cloud
Connor McDonald
New video! 60 seconds from zero to building something awesome in Application Express on Autonomouus


Stepping Out

Recommended Video
Autonomours Database - How It Works

Recommended Video
Larry Ellison Introducts The Autonomous Database Cloud


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