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Welcome to another episode of the APEX Now podcast.

If you are new to the show, this is the place where you will find all the latest news, blogs and events related to Oracle Application Express (APEX).

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This Week's News


Oracle And Microsoft Announce The Extension Of Their Integrated Cloud Offering To London

Earlier this year I told you about the announcement of the interopperability integration between the Oracle Cloud and Microsoft's Azure Cloud.

The integration between the two clouds means that customers of Microsoft can have seemless access to Oracle's infastructure and solutions while Oracle customers gain access to a range of features of Azure including business analytics and more.

The announcement was greeted enthusiastically by enterprise customers and stocks rose for both companies as a result of the new integration offering.

Well, right on the heels of the business enthusiasm the companies have announced the extension of the offering to London. The service has only been available to customers in the United States until now.



Oracle Using Cloud Tech To Help Find A Cure For Cancer

Oracle has offered its Cloud computing technology to foster research toward find a cure for cancer.
Oracle is supporting an Eygtian non-profit organisation to help in the research and treatment of cancer.

For decades, the National Association of Friends of the National Cancer Free Initiative (AFNCI) has been working to create quality infrastructure and drive cancer care research in Egypt in a bid to ensure early detection and patient recovery.

Through Oracle's support, the coordination of hospital resources and management can be dramatically improved. Further research into a cure for cancer can be better coordinated on a larger scale.



APEX Application Helping Medical Examiners Perform Their Critical Work

Jayson Hanes, Principle Software Developer for Oracle has told of another APEX success story.

Keeping with the medical theme, an appication built with APEX is helping the dprofessional Medical Examiner community.
The application provides for the coordination of examination data and reports for Medical Examiners. The application also allows third parties direct access to the critical information that they require.
APEX to the rescue once again!


Another Corporate Endorsement For APEX

Earlier this year, a client asked me to identify companies that are using APEX. There are some references on Oracle's APEX site, but it is frequently difficult to find good references of corporate success stories - not because there are none, but some companies are reluctant to share with the marketplace their internal operations.

A Korean company Salim Co. Ltd used both Oracle Cloud and APEX to provide better server
Salin has been developing technologies and methods that help individuals and corporations easily share valuable video. Salin aims to contribute to the better world with its technology and solutions, such as its VR/AR broadcasting solution, IPTV platform, and set top box.

Salim used the Oracle Cloud and APEX to develop a Content Management System that has cut their operational costs and increased their time to market.  They are able to radidly build innovative VVirtual Reality application through APEX.


 Blogs Of The Week 

Changing Heading Colours On Interactive Grid
TYSON JOUGLET, Skillbuilders

In this post Tyson explains how to change the column header colour on an Interactive Grid. He points out that  humans are visual creatures and it is helpful in an application if report headings are visually meaningful to users.

By using simple techniques and including CSS all of this can be done easily and ac hieve a great result.

Take a look at Tyson's blog to find out how.


Customising APEX Validation Message
Scott Wesley

In APEX validation messages are used to inform the user that a value has not been provided for a field or that the value is invalid. There are several ways of managing these messages that have progressed over the years. In this post Scott identifies some of the ways in which validation messages act by tracing the changes over various versions of APEX. Well worth the read.


Enhancing the APEX Debugger

This blog addresses the issue that when using the APEX debug functionality, it is sometimes difficult to find the debug messages that you actually need to take a look at. In this post Matt presents two options for enhancing the debugger to resolve the difficulty. The first method concerns the level at which you debug and the other shows you how to use a prefix on your debug messages.


Software To Save The Earth
Oracle Groundbreakers Podcast

Not surprisingly, I love podcasts. The Oracle Groundbreakers Podcast is one not to miss. In the most recent episode there is a discussion of the Fabe application with Steven Feuerstein, Vincent of Insum, Michelle of Laureston and Nivianah of ODTUG. They talk about Fabe which is a mobile application built with APEX that allows individuals to track their own green efforts and compare those with others to understand the true impact that can be made by collective action. Listen to the episode - it's great!


Plugin News

Dan McGhan Highlights The Winners Of The APEX plugin Awards
Two Minute Tech Tip

The winners of the APEX Plugin Competition were announced recently at APEX Connect. In this episode of the Two Minute Tech Tip Dan McGhan gives an overview of the winners and the plugins they created.


Upcoming Events


3 September 2019
hAPEX-dag 2019
Søborg, Denmark

4 September 2019
Oracle User Group Norway
Oslo, Norway

5 September 2019
NY Oracle User Group
Low-Code Development with Oracle APEX & Oracle Autonomousatabase
New York City

6-7 September 2019
Polish Oracle User Group
rozwiń, Poland

16-19 September 2019
Oracle Open World
San Francisco, CA USA
Plenty of @OracleAPEX and Autonomous Database

18 September 2019
Meetup Oracle APEX LATAM,
Cali, Colombia
Oracle APEX + Oracle Autonomous Database

3 October 2019
2 Live Seminars on APEX
0930 CET:
1800 CET (0900 PDT):

4 October 2019
Austrian Oracle User Group
Vienna, Austria
Extending APEX - Single Page Applications, Master Detail, Drag & Drop

8 October 2019
Ratingen, Germany
Automated testing with APEX


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