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Thanks for coming back for another episode of APEX Now. If you are new to the show, here you will find the latest news, blogs, and events all related to Oracle Application Express (APEX).

If you are new to APEX, head on over to where you'll find lost of documentation and tutorials to help you. And, you can even request a free developer workspace to get started.

The audio clip played in the intro to this week's episode comes from the Kantega Youtube channel at the link below:


This Week's News


Oracle Open World Is Underway

Oracle Open World is underway through to the 19th of September in San Fransisco, California in the US.

At this year's event, Oracle Application Express (APEX) has a high profile. There are a lot of APEX sessions and here are just a few of them.

APEX Debugging 101
Peter Raganitsch

Oracle Database Build Process
Martin D'Souza

Oracle Application Express 19 New Features
Joel Kallman

Building Oracle Application Express Applications on Remote Datasources with REST APIs
Marc Sewtz

Print and Export Data in the Format You Want (pptx, xlsx, pdf, ...)
Dimitri Gielis

Low-Code Development with Oracle Application Express and Oracle Autonomous Database
David Peak

Stay Out of Technical Debt with Oracle Application Express
Scott Spendolini

APEX Application To Help Your Oracle Open World Planning

There is a nifty APEX application to help you plan your attendance at the varous APEX sessions. You can see a full calendar of what is going on and plan your days.

APEX 19.2? Watch This Space

Is it true? Is APEX 19.2 going to soon be available as an Early Adopter. This seem to be heating up around APEX 19.2 so it seems likely

If you want to find out more about some of the new features of 19.2, you might want to join in on the next Application Express Open Hours session. It takes place on September 26th and will bring news from Oracle Open World and present some of the new features to be found in APEX 19.2.

Update: APEX 19.2 Early Adopter is now available!

Insum Announces Its Fall Webinar Series

It may not be Fall where you are, but Insum has released the schedule for its Fall Webinar series taking place over the next few months.

The webinars will cover a broad range of topics including APEX.

The webinars are based on presentation that we given at various APEX events earlier in the year. And, the session are being presented by some of the key members of the APEX community.

The first in the series of the webinars is taking place this coming week on September 18th and is presented by Jorge Rimblas.

Jorge Presents Maze Runner, the Cure for APEX Confusion. Just getting started with APEX and feeling lost as to how to advance? Learn everything that relates to the APEX ecosystem—from learning, plug-ins, resources, where to find help, documentation, like-minded individuals, and more

In episode 3 of APEX Now I talked with Jorge and he talked a about this presentation. You can listen to that episode at

Find out more about Insum's webinar series on their latest blog.

Another New APEX Shortcut

Want to find a listing of Oracle APEX presentations? Well, another quick APEX shortcut has been added that will let you do that. The presentation list is updated for each APEX version so this is a great resource.

 Oracle CEO Mark Hurd Takes Leave Of Absence For Health-related reasons

For health reasons Mark Hurd, CEO of Oracle has requested from the Board a leave of absence. It is not clear for how long nor for how eaactly the transition will be made.

This announcement came just in from of Oracle Open World. Mark has expressed both great love for Oracle as well as his tremendous confidence in the team he has been working with to continue to move forward the current strategic direction of Oracle.

We want to wish Mark all of the best and will look forward to his return to Oracle.


Viscosity's Ace Direct Talks About APEX

Viscosity's Oracle ACE Director and Enterprise Database Architect, Jim Czuprynski @JimTheWhyGuy talks to Oracle about his experiences with ATP and Oracle APEX, then shows off an "extreme test drive" of ATP-D!


Blogs Of The Week


Oracle APEX – Let’s integrate with JIRA! Part 2
Lech Cieślik

This is the second part in a series of how to integrate Jira with APEX. Jira is a popular ticketing and project management application.

In this article, Lech describes how to generate a key and digital signature with Java and PL/SQL.


Upcoming Events


18 September 2019
Cali, Colombia
Oracle APEX + Oracle Autonomous Database


18 September 2019
Insum Webinar 1 - Fall Webinar Series
Jorge Rimblas - Cure for the Confusion

26 September 2019APEX Office Hours Session
News from Oracle Open and some of the new features of APEX 2019

1 October 2019
Boston Meet Up Berlington Massachusetts
Customising the Interactive Grid

3 October 2019
2 Live Seminars on APEX
0930 CET:
1800 CET (0900 PDT):

4 October 2019
Austrian Oracle User Group
Vienna, Austria
Extending APEX - Single Page Applications, Master Detail, Drag & Drop

8 October 2019
Ratingen, Germany
Automated testing with APEX

16 October 2019
APEX  Meetup Group
Frankfurrt, Germany
The Oracle Cloud and APEX

16 - 26 2019
Oracle Groundbreakers Tour

  • Wellington, NZ - October 11
  • Melbourne, Australia - October 14
  • Perth, Australia - October 16
  • Singapore - October 18
  • Shanghai, China - October 19
  • Hangzhou, China - October 20
  • Seoul, South Korea - October 22
  • Tokyo, Japan - October  24     
  • Taiwan - October 26

19 - 22 2019
DOAG Conference and Exhibition

1 - 4 December, 2019
UKOUG Techfest 2019




APEX: Tips, Basics, and the Most Important Thing | Peter Raganitsch
Oracle Groundbreakers Live

In this interview Peter Raganitsch gives an overview of his presentations at Kscope19.


APEX Tech Tip With Peter Raganitsch

In this APEX Tech Tip, Peter Raganitsch describes how to use the APEX Error Handling Function as well as Messages to replace the standard ORA errors.


Creating And Consuming Web Services In APEX
Explorer UK

This presentation looks at how to create and consume web services, but it brings the discussion right up to date with the new features of APEX. 

Choosing the Right Report and Features to Give Users When Presenting Data in an APEX Application
Explorer UK

This is a very interesting presentation. Often when we create reports in APEX we just accept all of the default settings for the various attributes. But that is not always what we should do in order to reduce support issues in the future.

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