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Welcome to another episode of APEX Now, the weekly newscast all about Oracle Application Express (APEX). If you are new to the show, this is where you will find all of the latest news, blogs and events as well as some other cool stuff. To listen to some of the past episodes go to

Maybe you are new to APEX. If you are, head on over to where you will find lots of resources to help you. You can evend request a free development environment so you can start working with APEX right away.

This Week's News Takes Flight

Paving the way for the future, has moved to the Oracle Cloud Infastructure Gen 2. It was likely this would happen. You might also be moving your development instance to the Oracle Always Free Cloud Service.

Call For Papers For APEX Connect 2020

As I told you last week, APEX Connect 2020 is happening from 5 to 7 May 2020 in Brühl, Germany.

can share your skill and knowledge with the APEX community by becoming a speaker at the event. Papers can be submitted up to 7 November 2019. Get involved!

Blogs Of The Week

Free Oracle Cloud: 7. Setup a web server on the Virtual Machine
Dimitri Gilles

This blog is a part of Dimitri's series on using the Oracle Always Free Cloud Service.

The available services go far beyond the development tools of APEX and SQL Developer.

You can create a Compute VM instance to use as a storage environment as well as run other tools and apps.

Here, Dimitri walks you through how to setup a web server on a Virtual Machine. You can use the server to host websites. And, maybe you have noticed that the URL to your APEX app is rather ugly in the Cloud. Through a web server you can create a custom URL for your APEX instance and applications.

Workspace Authentication with Database Accounts
Adrian Png

If you have been working with APEX on the Always Free Cloud Service, you would have noticed that each user is a DB user and that a schema is created by the same username. Normally this might make sense, but in terms of APEX it limits the ability to manage workspace users and groups in the way that you might have in the past.

Adrian in this post outlines a way of dealing with this limitation. He proposes the creation of a personal account for each user and then granting them the ability to proxy to the APEX schema user. It is a practical way of dealing with the problem and allowing you to create and manage users in the way that you normally do in APEX. He gives you all of the steps to implement this approach.

Adrain explains that this approach allows yoy to manage user password expiry and complexity rules while not impacting the base APEX schema user.

But, the approach does have some limitations. Currently SQL Developer Web does not allow for proxy functionality. Never fear though, Adrian has a solution for the right tools to use with this approach.

Extending interaction to Interactive Grids
Monica Godoy

Interactive Grids, first introduced in APEX 5.1 are one of the most powerful low-code components in APEX.

Through the Interactive Grid users are able to create, edit and delete dasbase records. There are times, however, where you have a requirement to allow for more interaction with the grid. In this post, Monica shows you how.

The example that Monica uses is to allow the user to activiate and deactive employees in bulk. Two buttons are added to the grid and then javascript is put in place to handle and interaction.

She tells you how to build a sample app yourself to demonstrate the interaction functionality.

Making the Move to the Autonomous Database
Adrian Png

Once you have setup APEX on the new Oracle Always Free Cloud Service it is time to move your local workspace, apps and data to the Cloud instance.

In this post Adrian goes through step by step how to move everything to the Cloud.

Free Oracle Cloud: 9. Setup Object Storage and use for File Share and Backups
Dimitri Gilles

The Always Free Cloud Service offers more than just an Autonomous Database. You also get 20 GB of object and file storage. This allows you to share files with others, APEX applications, and the database.

In this post Dimitri Gilles explains exactly how to setup the file storage and how to start using it.

Upcoming Events

1 October 2019
Boston Meet Up Berlington Massachusetts
Customising the Interactive Grid

2 October 2019
Dallas Oracle User Group
Recap from Oracle Open World

3 October 2019
2 Live Seminars on APEX
0930 CET:
1800 CET (0900 PDT):

4 October 2019
Austrian Oracle User Group
Vienna, Austria
Extending APEX - Single Page Applications, Master Detail, Drag & Drop

8 October 2019
Ratingen, Germany
Automated testing with APEX

16 October 2019
APEX  Meetup Group
Frankfurrt, Germany
The Oracle Cloud and APEX

16 - 26 2019
Oracle Groundbreakers Tour

  • Wellington, NZ - October 11
  • Melbourne, Australia - October 14
  • Perth, Australia - October 16
  • Singapore - October 18
  • Shanghai, China - October 19
  • Hangzhou, China - October 20
  • Seoul, South Korea - October 22
  • Tokyo, Japan - October  24     
  • Taiwan - October 26

29-30 October
East Coast Oracle User Group Conference 2019
Raleigh, North Carolina

19 - 22 November 2019
DOAG Conference and Exhibition

1 - 4 December, 2019
UKOUG Techfest 2019
Brighton, United Kingdom

24 April 2020
Maribor, Slovenia!
APEX Alpe Adria
Region APEX Conference
Call for papers is open

05-07 May 2019
Brühl, Germany
APEX Connect 2020

28 June to 2 July 2019
ODTUG Kscope20
Boston, MA, USA


APEX Office Hours Session
News from Open World and some of the new features in APEX 19.2


APEX Demonstration At Oracle Open World 2019




Top 10 APEX Resources For APEX Developers
Caleb Curry


APEX On The Cloud With Autonomous Database
Oracle Database Cloud Services Office Hours
David Peak


Well, that's it for yet another episode of APEX Now. Fill out the contact form below if you have any news items or events that you would like to have highlighted on the show. I hope you will join me again next week, and until then keep using APEX and create something AMAZING!


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