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Welcome to another episode of APEX Now, the weekly newscast all about Oracle Application Express (APEX). If you are new to the show, this is where you will find all of the latest news, blogs and events as well as some other cool stuff. To listen to some of the past episodes go to

Maybe you are new to APEX. If you are, head on over to where you will find lots of resources to help you. You can evend request a free development environment so you can start working with APEX right away.

 This Week's News

Oracle co-CEO Mark Hurd Dies At The Age Of 62

This week's news begins on a sad note.

Late last week Mark Hurd, co-CEO of Oracle sadly passed away.

On September 11th Mark started a leave of adsence from Oracle due to undisclosed health reasons. Now, just over a month later he has died at the age of 62.

Mark had a long history in It having served with NCR for more than 25 years. Later he became CEDO of HP. He resigned from HP in 2010.

He was immediately hired at Oracle as co-president with Safra Catz, with control of the sales, service and marketing and became co-CEO in 2014.

On Friday, Oracle chairman Larry Ellison announced the news of Hurd’s death in an online post.

“Oracle has lost a brilliant and beloved leader who personally touched the lives of so many of us during his decade at Oracle. I will miss his kindness and sense of humour.”

Hurd is survived by his wife Paula and two daughters. upgraded to APEX 19.2

After a maintence period this week, was brought back online. A bit surprisingly was now on APEX 19.2. While it seems that no notification had be given, this surely suggests that the general release of APEX 19.2 is just around the corner.

You can keep track of the available releases here Celebrates Its 4th Birthday

Can you believe it! has been around for 4 years and is celebrating this week.

If you are not familiar with, it is probably the greatest APEX community resource.

On the site there are lots of resources like plugins, events, job postings and a whole lot more. You can also follow a Slack APEX channel where there is a ton of interesting and helpful discussion.

Get on over to and register right now!

Congratulations to all those behind Thanks for all you do for the APEX community.

New Episode of the Oracle APEX Talkshow

There was a new episode of the Oracle APEX Talkshow podcast released this week.

The episode is titled "Become A Nice Person With APEX.".

The episode features an interview with Jorge Rimblas about his experience with APEX.

Part of the discussion that I really appreciated was regarding the UI for your APEX applications.

Let's Make APEX a customer Choice

When APEX gets only 9 more reviews, it will be identified as an Oracle Customer Coice. This will be another exiting achievement for APEX.

So, if you are involved in a corporate APEX project, why not ask the company leaders if they would share their success by reviewing Oracle APEX success story.

Here is a link to other APEX Success stories.

If you complete a review of APEX, Oracle will donate $20 to the @savetheredwoods League!

1) Click
2) Scroll to "Enterprise Low-Code Application Platform"
3) Click APEX

Insum Offers A Registration Discount For Kscope20

Attending @odtug #Kscope20 in #Boston? Have you registered? Well, when you do, why not use the Insum $100-off-registration-promo-code? INS20

APEX Office Hours Session Recording Released

This past week there was another APEX Office Hours.

This Office Hours was a Special Edition: Oracle Cloud Free Tier for the APEX Community.

It featuredg Director of Product Management, @bottgertech.

The next APEX Office Hours session will take place on 20 November 2019.

Oracle Tech Classroom
Migrating your APEX app from On-Premise to the Oracle Autonomous Database

So you've setup everthing on the new Always Free Oracle Cloud Service. You have an instance and database on the Autonomous Transaction Processing service. Now what? How do you get your APEX apps into the cloud?

On November 7 2019 there will be a 60 minute Oracle Tech Classroom that will show you the best way to migrate your APEX applications to the Autonomous Database Cloud.

Presenters David Peake and Jason Straub wwill provide a hands on workshop that you won't want to miss.

Join The Oracle APEX Development Team In Australia, Korea And Japan

There is a very special opportunity to join with Oracle APEX team members Christina Cho and Shakeeb Rahman in Australia, Japan and Korea.

They will be presenting on various aspects of APEX at a number of great events including a full day dedicated to APEX.

If you are anywhere near these cities, this is a great opportunity to come out, learn and participate.

11 November 2019
Melbourne, Australia

13 November 2019
Brisbane, Australia

15 November 2019
Sydney, Australia

19 November 2019
Seoul, Korea

21 November 2019
Tokyo, Japan


Blogs Of The Week

Free Oracle Cloud: 13. Final steps: Never let the Service Expire
Dimitri Gilles

In this 13th post in his series on the Always Free Cloud Service, Dimitri explains the importance of keeping your instance running.

If you have no database activity within a 7 day period, your database will be shutdown. You can easily restart it again.

If there is no activity on your instance within a 30 day period your instance will be reclaimed and you will have to start all over again.

Free Oracle Cloud: 14. Your Oracle Cloud Free Trial has expired (but FREE still running)
Dimitri Gilles

In this post, Dimitri Gilles explains what happens when your free trial ends on the Cloud.

The Always Free Tier does not expire and your ATP Databases and APEX will keep running with no problem.

But there are some minor consequences to features that you may be using.

You will find all of the posts in the series linked here

OGB Appreciation Day: add an error in a PL/SQL Process to the inline notification in Oracle APEX
Dimitri Gilles

This post from Dimitri is a tribute to the Oracle Groundbreakers Appreciation Day.

In the post Dimitri explains how to get your errors to appear in the page notification area. The technique makes use of the ADD_ERROR API and the result is pretty cool.

OGB Appreciation Day : Oracle Reports Server Queue Monitoring
Grassroots Oracle, Scott Wesley

This post is another tribute to the Oracle Groundbreakers community.

Scott show you how to monitor the reports queue in APEX.This is valueable if you want to do some analysis on report activity in your applications.

Re-use your Interactive Report query using APEX_IR.GET_REPORT
Jaydip Bosamiya

Purpose of this blog is to show you how you can re-use your IR run-time query and filters to build all custom reports
In his example Jayde creates two regions and filters the IR region using the runtime filters of the first region

Some Plugin News

IG Report Display Selector (19.1.0)
Dynamic Action Plug-in by M

Adds a Report Display Selector to Interactive Grid regions to allow the user to select between available Report

The plugin allows to to create a region display selector with an IG. The various tabs on the selector modify the IG by applying filters and more.

Details at

Demo at

Password strength (1.0
Dynamic Action Plug-in by Nihad Haskovic

This is a useful little plugin.

It adds a password strength indicator ona  Password item

Demo at

New Resources

Video : APEX facet feature - not just for developers
Connor McDonald

APEX Basics Application
Daniel Huha

Daniel Huha is once again sharing with the APEX community.

He has uploaded his conference presentation APEX Basics.

Along with the presentation, he has uploaded his demo application. He has provided all of the scripts for creating the DB Objects and the application itself.

For those who just aren't able to attend the various APEX conferences, it is great that these presentations become available. Thanks Daniel!

Upcoming Events

29-30 October 2019
East Coast Oracle User Group Conference 2019
Raleigh, North Carolina

6 November 2019
Oracle APEX Peru
Aula, Peru
Feat : Orace Ace Anton Neilson

19 - 22 November 2019
DOAG Conference and Exhibition

20 November 2019
Oracle APEX Office Hours

1 - 4 December, 2019
UKOUG Techfest 2019
Brighton, United Kingdom

24 April 2020
Maribor, Slovenia!
APEX Alpe Adria
Region APEX Conference
Call for papers is open

05-07 May 2019
Brühl, Germany
APEX Connect 2020

28 June to 2 July 2019
ODTUG Kscope20
Boston, MA, USA


So that is it for this week's episode of APEX Now.

If you have news, blogs or events that you would like for me to highlight on APEX Now, please fill out the form below and I will be sure to cover it in a future episode.

You can visit to catch up on episodes you may have missed.

Until next week then - keep using APEX and create something AMAZING!











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