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Welcome to another episode of APEX Now, the weekly newscast all about Oracle Application Express (APEX). If you are new to the show, this is where you will find all of the latest news, blogs and events as well as some other cool stuff. To listen to some of the past episodes go to

Maybe you are new to APEX. If you are, head on over to where you will find lots of resources to help you. You can evend request a free development environment so you can start working with APEX right away.

This Week's News

 APEX 19.2 General Release Is Now Available For Download

Last week I told you that had been upgraded to APEX version 19.2. When that happened we knew that the new version would soon be available.

Well, it's here. APEX 19.2 is now available for download.

In my opinion, this version has a lot to offer - perhaps more than what we found in version 19.1.

I am most excited about some of the features included the new Popup LOV, faceted search, and REST enabled Interactive Grids.

You should certainly take a look at the entirely new Team Development utility that takes managing development bugs and enhancements to a whole new level.

If you have been using the EA for APEX 19.2, take note that the environment will be shutdown this coming Friday, November 8th.

Download APEX 19.2

Blogs Of The Week

Native Oracle DB JSON functionality as alternative for using cursor() in AOP (and APEX_JSON)
Dimitri Gilles

In recent version of APEX a lot of enhancements have been added to work with data from external sources. Usually this would be done by accessing some sort of external webserver. Today, almost all communication with external data sources in using JSON.

External web sources are expecting you to pass properly formatted JSON. Simetimes, especially if you are new to JSON can be a bit tricky.

In APEX, you can make use of thE APEX_JSON API. This makes the task pretty simple. But in this post, Dimitri suggests using the native JSON functionality in the database.

The post presents sample code for using both APEX_JSON and the native JSON functions in the database. Both aprroaches do a great job.

However, Dimitri goes on to demonstrate some performance testing of the two approaches. The The native database JSON functionality outperforms the APEX_JSON API. He provides you with the code to prove this for yourself.

So, if performance is one of your key concerns, take a look at Dimitri's post.

Automating Oracle APEX Workspace Creation On The Autonomous Database
Jason Straub

Sometimes you may have a requirement to provide autonmation of the process to create an APEX workspace.

You'll be familiar with this kind of functionality if you have ever requested a workspace on The workspace is automatically provisioned and you are granted access.

This kind of self service workspace creation can now be achieved on the Autonomous Database. And, id it allows for the rapid provisioning of multiple workspaces.

In this post, Jason provides the steps to create a provisioning application to handle the automated creation process.

Simplifying APEX_WEB_SERVICE & OAuth2 Client Credentials​
JMJ Cloud

​Since APEX 18.1, there has been a new way to call OAuth2 Client Credentials secured web services using APEX_WEB_SERVICE. This new method alleviates the need for developers to store OAuth2 credentials, manage token expiration and also has potential performance benefits.

This post goes through all of the steps for using the new approach and its benefits. The approach tremendously streamlines the code.

Getting Started with APEX Plugins
Jeff Kemp

Are you using plugins in your APEX applications? Likely you are. Most of the productivity applications that are part of the APEX gallery include a few plugins. Also, on you will find a whole catalog of available plugins.

But, have you thought about how you may want to use plugins of your own?

In this post, Keff Kemp explains that plugins can be a great way of making code reusable. And, they are a great way of sharing functionality, UI elements and more across applications and in making common components available to your entire development team.

Jeff gets you started looking at how to create a plugin.


Oracle Developer Cloud, ORDS and the Oracle Free Tier
Roel Hartman

“Browser DevTools: The other tool for APEX Development”
Jorge Rimblas

Getting Started With Javascript for APEX Developers
Dan McGhan

Upcoming Events

6 November 2019
Oracle APEX Peru
Aula, Peru
Feat : Orace Ace Anton Neilson

8 November 2019
Upstate New York Oracle User Group
Buffalo, New York
Marc Sewtz - update on APEX 19.2 and a hands-on lab

11 November 2019
Austrailian Oracle User Group
Melbourne, Australia
Full day dedicated to APEX and featuring Shakeeb Rahman and Cristina Cho

13 November 2019
Austrailian Oracle User Group
Brisbane, Australia
Full day dedicated to APEX and featuring Shakeeb Rahman and Cristina Cho

15 November 2019
Austrailian Oracle User Group
Sydney, Australia
Full day dedicated to APEX and featuring Shakeeb Rahman and Cristina Cho

19 November 2019
Oracle Modern Cloud Day
Seoul, South Korea
APEX track freaturing Shakeeb Rahman and Christina Cho

19 - 22 November 2019
DOAG Conference and Exhibition

20 November 2019
Oracle APEX Office Hours

21 November 2019
First ever APEX Day in Japan
Tokyo, Japan
Featuring Shakeeb Rahman and Christina Cho

1 - 4 December, 2019
UKOUG Techfest 2019
Brighton, United Kingdom

12 December 2019
Oracle APEX Latam
Cundinamarca, Colombia
Dan McGhan - Getting started with Javascript for APEX developers
spanish presentation

24 April 2020
Maribor, Slovenia!
APEX Alpe Adria
Region APEX Conference
Call for papers is open

05-07 May 2019
Brühl, Germany
APEX Connect 2020

28 June to 2 July 2019
ODTUG Kscope20
Boston, MA, USA



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