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Welcome to another episode of APEX Now, the weekly newscast all about Oracle Application Express (APEX). If you are new to the show, this is where you will find all of the latest news, blogs and events as well as some other cool stuff. To listen to some of the past episodes go to

Maybe you are new to APEX. If you are, head on over to where you will find lots of resources to help you. You can evend request a free development environment so you can start working with APEX right away.

This Week's News

APEX 19.2 Is Out And It's Smooth Sailing

In case you missed the announcement last week, APEX 19.2 General Release is now available for download.

I've heard from a number of people that they have already upgraded an environment to 19.2 and there were no issues. Applications created in earlier versions seem to have no difficulty running on APEX 19.2.

Check out this quote from Peter Raganitsch :

"Just upgraded a 10 year old #orclapex app from 4.2 (started in 3.2) to 19.2, still works flawless. EXCEPT one line of custom javascript code, which broke a page. Fix was easy (swap 1 old line with one new line). Now everything (except theme 1 layout) is fine!"

As I said last week, APEX 19.2 has some great functionality that perhaps entitles it to be called "game changing".

Download APEX 19.2 and discover faceted search, an updated Popup LOV, REST enabled interactive Grids and a whole new team development section. There's lots of other great stuff too.

Mike Hichwa Awarded APEX Challenge Coin #0001

The man behind the development of APEX is Mike Hichwa. Assisted by Tom Kyte, he built what was first known as Marvel. Later, this would become Oracle Application Express (APEX).

Thanks to Jeurgen Shuster's sponsorship, Mike Hichwa was this week awarded an APEX Challenge Coin. And, as befits the the original developer of what is now APEX, he received the coin numbered 0001.

Take a look at a presentation where Mike talks about how APEX came to be.

The inventor of the APEX Challenge Coin is Adrian Png It is awarded to APEX developers who have made a significant contribution to the APEX community.

Here's a link to Adrian's original announcement of the APEX Challenge Coin

John Snyders Updates His IG Cookbook For APEX 19.2

John Snyders is the mastermind behind the Interactive Grid. If you not checked out his IG Cookbook then you should. It is Free! And you'll learn tons about some of the advanced features of the Interactive Grid.

A new version of the IG Cookbook has been released for APEX 19.2. A huge new feature added to IGs in the latest release is being able to base the IG on a remote data source. There are some bugs fixes and some other enhancements.

If you don't have your own 19.2 environment, request a workspace on and install the Cookbook application and supporting db objects.

If you are using an earlier version than APEX 19.2, you can use one of the earlier versions of John's IG Cookbook.

Don't miss out on this fantastic resource and be sure to follow John's "Hard Like Software Blog".

ODTUG Kscope20 Call For Abstracts Is Still Open

ODTUG Next year, Kscope20 takes place in Boston MA from 28 June to 2 July 2020.

Kscope has always been the showcase for APEX knowledge and great presentations.

The call for abstracts is open until 5 December 2019. So, if you have something to contribute to the APEX community, get involved and submit an abstract.

For Kscope20 there are some new session formats including workships where you give your presentation and follow it with a workshop so attendees can try out your ideas. Also, this time there are differenct session lengths available ideally suited for your content.

All the information you need to submit an abstract is at

Also, there is an ODTUG video available to help you submit a quality abstract.

Blogs Of The Week

Do You Want To Learn About Database Technology
Scott Wesley - Grassroots Oracle

Over the last two episodes, I have been telling you about a series of APEX events taking place in Australia, Japan, and South Korea.

Later in this episode I'll let you know about the cities and dates. At all of the events Shakeeb Rahman and Christina Cho from the Oracle APEX Development Team will be presenting.

In this post, Scott speaks directly to IT students encouraging them to attend and to become a part of an Oracle User Group. He Gives a great outline of some of the sessions that will take place at the various events.

Check out the Upcoming Events section below for dates and places.

Printing To Zebra Printers From PL/SQL
Jason Aughenbaugh

In earlier versions of APEX, finding and implementing a printing option was a bit difficult. Many printing solutions were proposed at that time. And, there are many other printing options available now.

This is a very specific post on printing to a specific type of printer. A zebra printer is a mobile printer often used in wharehousing or in retail. Essentially they are label and barcode printers. I have often seen threads on the APEX dealing with printing barcode labels from within an APEX application.

It all seems a bit complex to me. But, Jason assuredly says it is not. Take a look at the blog if you need to do something similar.

iFrame Developer Toolbar Wrong Page Fix
Neil Fernandez

using iframes in an APEX application may not be the best idea, but hey, the client requirement may demand it.

There is an issue when using iframes and running the application as a developer. The developer toolbar looks at the iframe and points to the source of the iframe. In other words, the developer toolbar redirects to the iframe source.

In this post Neil shows you how to apply a quick fix to solve the problem.  The solution involves modifying the footer fon the page template.

Free Oracle Cloud: 15. The request could not be mapped to any database
Dimitri Gilles

Did you really think the series was over! Hold on. Not so fast.

In previous episodes of APEX Now I have been explaining that if there is no activity on your Always Free Autonomous Database within a seven day period, the database will be shutdown.

In this post, Dimitri shows you how to restart the database.

Some New Resources

Single Sign-On For (APEX) Application Using Kerberos
Niels de Bruijn

Once a user has logged into a network and will use the same credentials for one or more APEX applications, you may want to prevent them from having to login to each individual app. Using SSO allows users to move seemlessly across applications.

Kerberos is an authentication protocol that is included with most operating systems. It also works with Windows Active Directory.

In this updated paper, Niels presents everything you need to know to provide SSO in APEX using Kerberos.

Oracle Groundbreakers
From Forms To APEX : Easy Transition
Interview with Scott Wesley

APEX Scripts
APEX 19.2 : Vagrant and Docker Builds | The ORACLE-BASE Blog
Tim Hall

Tim Hall has release his updated Docker builds for APEX 19.2.

Docker is one of the fastest ways to setup an entire application environment on Linux. You can think of Docker containers as sort of a virtual machine. The difference, however, is that it modifies the Linux Kernel as opposed to hardware. It does not install an OS but sets up the application environment. Docker only works with Linux.

Grab these scripts if you want to use Docker to setup APEX on a Linux machine.

Oracle Groundbreakers
Interview with Peter Raganitsch
Combatting the bugs with Low Code

Upcoming Events

11 November 2019
Austrailian Oracle User Group
Melbourne, Australia
Full day dedicated to APEX and featuring Shakeeb Rahman and Cristina Cho

13 November 2019
Austrailian Oracle User Group
Brisbane, Australia
Full day dedicated to APEX and featuring Shakeeb Rahman and Cristina Cho

14 November 2019
 Minneapolis Oracle APEX Meetup - public group
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Presentation : Get to know Oracle APEX

15 November 2019
Austrailian Oracle User Group
Sydney, Australia
Full day dedicated to APEX and featuring Shakeeb Rahman and Cristina Cho

18 November 2019
Oracle APEX Office Hours

19 November 2019
Oracle Modern Cloud Day
Seoul, South Korea
APEX track freaturing Shakeeb Rahman and Christina Cho

19 - 22 November 2019
DOAG Conference and Exhibition

21 November 2019
First ever APEX Day in Japan
Tokyo, Japan
Featuring Shakeeb Rahman and Christina Cho

1 - 4 December, 2019
UKOUG Techfest 2019
Brighton, United Kingdom

4 December 2019
Chicago, IL
Oracle AApp Dev Day: Low Code Development with Oracle Autonomous Cloud

12 December 2019
Oracle APEX Latam
Cundinamarca, Colombia
Dan McGhan - Getting started with Javascript for APEX developers
spanish presentation

24 April 2020
Maribor, Slovenia!
APEX Alpe Adria
Region APEX Conference
Call for papers is open

05-07 May 2019
Brühl, Germany
APEX Connect 2020

28 June to 2 July 2019
ODTUG Kscope20
Boston, MA, USA


 Thanks for your continued support for APEX Now. If you have enjoyed this episode, please let others know about of the podcast.

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That's going to be a wrap for this week. Please join me again next week. Until then, keep using APEX and create something amazing!



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